Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm finally, at this moment, caught up on the bios.  I'm sure that there is someone writing another one right now, though LOL

Where did all these Cushies and potential Cushies come from?  This is supposed to be a rare disease.

It's good that the word is getting out, though.  Thankfully, people don't have to suffer with this alone anymore.

Between the jobs that have to be done on this site - and there are lots of invisible ones that members never see! , temporarily watching a friend's message boards, my "real" job, trying to have a life... I am more exhausted than I can remember being for a long time.

Housework is a thing of the far-distant past.

A few weeks ago I went to a handbell festival.  I took a bit of adrafinil on the main day to try to stay awake for the whole day.  It didn't seem to keep me as on as it did before.  I can't be used to it already.  Maybe I'm just that much more tired than I was just a few months ago.

I guess I'm a bit introspective today, too.  It's the first anniversary of Natalie's death.  Last month was the anniversary of Sue's death.

It's just not right that this disease has been known for so many years, yet doctors still drag their feet diagnosing it and curing Cushing's.

Why is it that we have to suffer so much, so long, and still there are so many deaths from Cushing's or related to Cushing's symptoms?

I know far too many people, good people, who suffered for many years from this disease that doctors said they didn't have.  Then they died.  It's time this stopped!

Speaking of death - what a cheery blog post this is turning out to be.  NOT!

I had been following the blog posts of a young woman who had "my" cancer".  She recently died.  I never knew her but she sounded like such a wonderful person who truly lived while she had the chance.

I wish I could be more like that and have a real life while I'm still here.  My life seems to be reduced to doing for others. 


When is it my turn?

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