Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year! You are one of the 100 Best Health Blogs

From my email:

Hi CushingsHelp,

As we enjoy the last few days of 2008, and consider the year to come, I'd like to take this time to wish you a Happy New Year, and also to congratulate you for being chosen by your readers to be one of the 100 Best Health Bloggers on the Web in the People's Health Blogger Award competition!!! 

The 2009 Bloggers’ New Years Resolution – Make your blog more visible and help more people live healthier, happier lives 

Congratulations on being one of the 100 best health bloggers so far in the People's Health Blogger Awards competition! Your current standing in the People’s Health Blogger Awards will help you get the recognition you deserve from everyone who reads your postings and benefits from your writing both on Wellsphere and on your blog. Because of the quality of your blog, you now have a shot at winning the competition!  With only a couple of weeks to go, and with more and more readers participating and voting – you are closer than ever to making it happen!

Here is what some of the current participants are saying about the competition:

"I think the competition is a fantastic way to find out about lots of people's different blogs, which I wouldn't have known about otherwise [..] The competition has also brought lots of people to my blog which is fantastic. I find writing so much more worthwhile if I know people are enjoying what I write." Holly

"This contest has helped me expand my blog viewer base, and I've discovered a few new favorite reads!" Michelle AKA The BearTwinsMom

"It's such an honor to participate and we think the project ROCKS! What an awesome way to educate folks on worthwhile resources - and we're loving the boost in audience for ChronicBabe." Jenni

"I feel honored to be in this competition and to have people voting for my site. It is a high honor to even be listed here. I believe it has brought more attention to my site and whether I win or lose I feel like I won just being considered!  Sandi B

If you are one of the few who have not yet posted your "Vote for Me" badge on the sidebar of your blog, post it now and ask your readers to vote for you (you will find your personalized badge code on your MyGoodies page at http://www.wellsphere.com/healthBloggerAwardAds.s ). Once your "Vote for Me" badge is in place, you may want to reach out to your friends and colleagues to let them know they can vote for you too.  Another powerful way to get more people to see your blog and vote for you is to ask friends and colleagues who are not in the competition to post your "Vote for Me" badge on their blogs and websites—it works—ask the current leaders J

2009 Here We Come — set up a personal health goal for 2009

If you or your readers would like to set a health goal or resolution for the coming year, you might want to explore the goal setting and tracking features on Wellsphere. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover a range of functions and tools that help you set your goals, track your progress, and get support from others.

You can check it out and get more information by logging in to Wellsphere and clicking on the "MyGoals" tab on your MyWellsphere page at http://www.wellsphere.com/userHome.s

Happy New Year!