Monday, December 22, 2008

Blown Away

A while ago I saw that people could vote for my blog.  I posted a little "Vote for me" line in my status on Facebook as a lark and completely forgot about this.

Seems like I'm in the top - 15! - at the moment.  That's amazing to me but even more so are the wonderful comments people have left when voting:


Comments: MaryO has been THE person who has educated patients about Cushing's. She set up multiple websites, message boards, blogs, and more to help those who suffer with this disease.  SHe is a true hero in my book.




she has helped so many of us learn about cushings. We have learned about everything from symptoms, to testing, and on to surgery, and what to expect after the surgery.. We now know alot more than some doctors, and we owe it all to Mary O. If it wasn't for her we still would be undiagnosed, as alot of doctors do not understand cushings at all. She made the wonderful websites for cushings, where you can go for information. The websites have taught me so much about cushings and is helping me in my fight for a diagnosis. I don't think there is ANYONE more deserving of this award than MARY O, she is just fantastic!!!!



Comments: MaryO saves lives every day by making it possible for people of all walks of life to get the information they need about Cushing's and related illnesses.




Comments: Mary has helped spread the word about Cushings Disease and it has helped me immensely in getting to the right doctor, getting the right tests and finally getting over this horrible disease. She deserves to win.




Comments: MaryO has a great blog for Cushing's patients, their families and doctors. There is personal experience and madical research articles. Her blog does much to educate and support Cushing's patients.



Comments: I have known MaryO online for several years now.  She has helped countless patients inform themselves and become advocates for Cushing's Syndrome/ Disease.  She has formed an incredible support community of patients, friends and families or Cushing's patients--one like no other out there!  Many of us owe our lives to her blog, website and message boards, because that is where we were able to find the information we needed in order to see the specialists who helped us to get well.  And a plus, she's just plain awesome ass a person too! 




Without the help of MaryO and her site I don't know if I would have ever found out what was wrong with me.  MaryO is truly a hero to so many people here in the United States and around the world.  How many people would spend there time, energy, finances and anything else they have to help people they don't know and may never, ever, see.  She deserves this award and so much more.

Elizabeth Justice




Mary is a remarkable person.  Despite her  personal health issues, she is determined to help others improve the quality of their life by providing information and moral support. 

Her efforts have provided an organized, informative and knowledgeable resource for individuals seeking help for the devastating effects of Cushings.  One of the by products of her work has been life changing benefits for many who have been enabled to negotiate a very complex diagnostic process to get treatment.  


I am absolutely blown away by these wonderful comments.  I've been feeling down and depressed for quite a while now and coming across these mean so much to me.

Thank you to all of you who wrote these wonderful things!