Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(Book) Cushing's Disease

Series: Endocrine Updates, Vol. 31

Swearingen, Brooke; Biller, Beverly M. K. (Eds.)

1st Edition., 2011, 378 p. 33 illus., 7 in color., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-4614-0010-3

Not yet published. Available: August 15, 2011

In Cushing’s Disease, leading authorities in the field offer a thorough review of the pathogenesis, diagnostic algorithm and treatment options for this complex disease.   Beginning with a fascinating history of Cushing's disease that outlines its historical significance to both endocrinology and neurosurgery, the book goes onto  to cover the full range of important issues, including the molecular pathogenesis of Cushing’s,  anatomic pathology,  the diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome,  the differential of pseudo-Cushing's syndromes,  hypercortisolemia, surgical removal of the corticotroph adenoma, post-operative management and assessment of remission, radiotherapeutic options,  and the exciting developments in medical therapy.   In addition, the book also addresses  Cushing's disease in the pediatric population, given that its clinical manifestations and impact on growth can be severe;  silent corticotroph adenomas as a distinct clinical entity;  diagnosis and management of Cushing's disease during pregnancy, bilateral adrenalectomy, and, finally, the long-term psychological manifestations of hypercortisolemia.   Comprehensive and an invaluable addition the literature, Cushing’s Disease is an essential reference for enhancing diagnosis and treatment of this debilitating disorder.


Content Level » Professional/practitioner

Keywords » Nelson's syndrome - Pituiitary imaging - adenomas - radiation

Related subjects » Internal Medicine - Surgery

Table of contents 





Chapter 1: Cushing's Disease: An Historical Perspective.

Chapter 2: Molecular Biology of Cushing’s Disease.

Chapter 3: Pathology of Cushing’s Disease.

Chapter 4: Clinical Diagnosis of Cushing’s Syndrome.

Chapter 5: Pseudo-Cushing’s Syndrome.

Chapter 6: Cyclical Cushing’s Disease.

Chapter 7: Differential Diagnosis of Cushing’s Syndrome.

Chapter 8: Radiologic Imaging Techniques in Cushing’s Disease.

Chapter 9: Surgical Treatment of Cushing’s Disease.

Chapter 10: Postoperative Management and Assessment of Cure.

Chapter 11: Radiation Therapy in the Management of Cushing’s Disease.

Chapter 12: Medical Management of Cushing’s Disease.

Chapter 13:  Recurrent Cushing’s Disease

Chapter 14: Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Cushing’s Disease.

Chapter 15: Silent Corticotroph Adenomas.

Chapter 16: Cushing’s Syndrome in Pregnancy.

Chapter 17: Nelson’s Syndrome: Corticotroph Tumor Progression after Bilateral Adrenalectomy in Cushing’s Disease.

Chapter 18: Psychosocial Aspects of Cushing’s Disease.


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